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DA:I Lavellan Doodle Compilation by subomouse
DA:I Lavellan Doodle Compilation
Several of the doodles of Ceirdwyn (and family) from my tumblr.  The ones I liked anyway.  The two left most are from the kiss meme that went around for a while, the top one is Ceiri's grandmother, her son when he was much younger, and Ceiri's mother.  The bottom is a friend of mine's Lavellan, Nyssa, and Ceiri.  The middle is future!au Cole with future!AU Solas/Ceiri baby Anyss.  On the right top is Ceiri and Solas in the fade, and the bottom is just a ceiri portrait I liked.  
Ceirdwyn Lavellan Character Card by subomouse
Ceirdwyn Lavellan Character Card
I did this ages ago, back when DA:I first came out, but somehow forgot to ever post it.  This is the "Character card" for my Dragon Age Inquisitor, Ceirdwyn. 
The Pitt Crew - Concept by subomouse
The Pitt Crew - Concept

omfg I finally got this done, it’s taken all weekend.  A concept piece of the full (redesigned more or less heavily) Pitt Crew.  R-L: Wernher, Adan, Marco, Wild Bill, Milly, Midea, and Eliza (Lone Wanderer). 

If I can get my shit together and not be dying of whatever plague my coworkers keep passing around I’m going to do sheets for all of them, with some better details on the whys and whathave yous and less temporary designs.  Overall, I like what I have though.  

But for now some thoughts:

Marco and Bill are brothers of some fashion; no one is entirely sure if that’s by blood or agreement, and they’re not talking.  They bicker constantly, but tend to side with each other on the important matters.  

Adan has always been and will always be a peacemaker at heart.  He’s taken over the role as group counselor more or less by accident, but fully enjoys it.  No one exactly understands his staunch pacifism but they respect it.

Not sure how much I want to say about it yet, but Milly is originally from the Point Lookout area.  I’m trying to think of ways to incorporate that into her design a little more.

Midea and Wernher are the only two who originated in the Pitt, and met when they survived the Brotherhood purge together.  Midea essentially raised him, though their relationship is far more student/teacher than parental.  

I have no idea if I like that hairstyle on Eliza or not.  It’s cute, tho.

Eliza Vakhrusheva (Char. Sheet) by subomouse
Eliza Vakhrusheva (Char. Sheet)

It’s kinda silly but I’ve been wanting to fill one of these out for ages so screw it all, I did it.  I actually do have a favorite armor set in game, the Riley’s ranger’s one, but it doesn’t quite make sense with her story wise sooo~ That would be the actual answer if you asked her.  That or “Whatever the fuck isn’t busted to hell.”  But I went for a more ah “casual” look with the military-esque t-shirt and tank combo. 

Also high-waisted jeans are difficult to draw. @.@


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